Malpractice Insurance

Mandatory malpractice insurance coverage

While your status as an active member gives you rights, it also imposes certain obligations on you to protect the public. One of these obligations is participation in a group professional liability insurance plan. It is therefore now mandatory that every ACMA member send us a copy of their malpractice insurance policy annually, 2 weeks prior to their insurance renewal date. It is your responsibility to have adequate cover and to prove it.

ACMA Association is committed to providing its members with outstanding support and resources, which includes an exceptional professional liability insurance program. Starting at an affordable rate of just $200 per year, this program is offered through the reputable broker "La Turquoise." This partnership ensures that members receive comprehensive coverage and unparalleled service. However, the ACMA Association understands the importance of flexibility and personal preference. As such, members are encouraged to explore and select the broker of their choice for their insurance needs, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their unique professional requirements.

Malpractice Insurance

Here are the protections offered for professional liability

1. Mandatory protection in our program :

  • $1 000 000 protection for $200 + tx (depending on the province)
  • $2 000 000s protection for $230 + tx (depending on the province)

2. The following protections are optional :

2.1 Corporate liability

  • $1 000 000 protection for $80 + tx (depending on the province)
  • $2 000 000s protection for $100 + tx (depending on the province)

2.2 Business property insurance

2.2.1 Option 1 – $75 + tx

  • Content $15,000
  • Operating loss $10,000 annually
  • Crime $1,000 ***

2.2.2 Option 2 – $125 + tx

  • Content $15,000
  • Operating loss $20,000 annually
  • Crime 1 000$ ***

*** the crime premium covers employee dishonesty (e.g. employee using petty cash), theft of money on the premises, theft of money off the premises (theft during a bank deposit).

2.3 Reimbursement protection for criminal defense costs

  • Payment of defense costs up to $20,000 per claim with an annual maximum of $40,000 in the event of prosecution in penal or criminal court.
  • Example: lawsuit for sexual abuse or touching. The insured must be declared not guilty for the insurer to reimburse his costs.
  • The premium for this coverage is $54 + tx

Important: We have fees of $50 for premiums of $300 or less and $75 for premiums of $301 or more.

** If your members practice more than one alternative medicine activity and these are part of our program, we can then cover all the activities on a single contract.

The highest premium will apply and cover all of the insured’s activities.


Indeed, our members can now make a request directly online. They receive their quote immediately and can issue their contract by choosing to pay by credit card without charge or by monthly payments with
Primaco finance company inc.
A minimum charge of $50 applies for monthly payment.

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If you have any questions regarding this insurance policy, please contact an agent from La Turquoise