Canada-Life Application for recognition of an association of umbrella health service providers



This form must be completed in its entirety to avoid delays in processing the application. Once we have received all the required information and assessed the application, we will inform the association’s designated person in writing of our decision. Please return the completed form and requested documentation using one of the following addresses: #

Mail: Claims Management, Medical and Dental, The Canada Life Assurance Company, CP 6000, Winnipeg MB R3C 3A5 #

By email: #

Indicate the type of suppliers who are members of the association to which this application relates. Please complete a separate application for each type of supplier. #


Osteopath – manual therapy practitioner #



Name, address and telephone number of the
ACMA Association

1375 Normandie Avenue, Mascouche, Quebec, J7L 0A3, Tel.: 1-888-393-9394


Primary Contact:

Dr Sylvain Desforges


Board of Directors – indicate the name and position title of the members of the association’s Board of Directors:
Dr. Sylvain Desforges, President; Natalie Crevier, treasurer; Sophie Desforges, Secretary


Website address:


Date on which the association started its activities: 2008

If the association previously existed under another name, please provide the previous name and details:
“Alliance Canadienne de Médecine Alternative” in Quebec and ACMA Association in the rest of Canada



Please provide a list of members, in paper or electronic format, specifying the following for each member:

  • Full addresses and telephone numbers• Date the person became a member• Category/type/level of membership of the member (if multiple categories, types or levels of membership exist), with an appropriate description• Registration number (if applicable)

You can check this information online:


Can you report a change in membership in a timely manner (e.g. new member, cancellation of membership, etc.)?


Is the association a provincial or national organization?  National



Please specify the current training requirements for members. Indicate the number of course hours required and any separate requirements for practicums as opposed to classroom training:

To become a member of the ACMA Association, we align ourselves with the educational standards defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its 2010 document “Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy”. In line with these standards, we require that a candidate has completed a rigorous and comprehensive Type II osteopathy program. This program must include a minimum of 2000 hours of training, including at least 1000 hours of supervised clinical training, or its equivalent. This supervised clinical training ensures that our members gain extensive practical experience to complement their theoretical training.

In addition to these initial requirements, the ACMA imposes an obligation of continuing education on all its members. Each member must accumulate a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education, specifically related to the practice of their profession, over a biennial reference period. This requirement ensures that our members remain at the forefront of the latest advances, techniques and best practices in osteopathy, enabling them to provide the best possible care to their patients.


What other membership criteria must a practitioner meet before they can become a member of the association?

  1. Pass a mandatory entrance exam that includes questions related to the ACMA Code of Ethics and our complaints management process. This review ensures that the practitioner understands and adheres to the ethical and professional standards we expect from our members.
  2. Maintain active professional liability insurance, with a minimum coverage of one million dollars per claim and a total of three million dollars for all claims occurring during the term of the policy. This insurance guarantees financial protection for both the practitioner and his patients in the event of legal proceedings.
  3. Commit to participating in a continuing education program and accumulate at least 30 hours of continuing education specifically related to the practice of their profession over a two-year reference period. This requirement ensures that our members keep their skills up to date and continue to deepen their knowledge in their field.
  4. Commit to the ACMA Code of Ethics and adhere to the Association’s Standards of Professional Practice. This commitment ensures that all our members adhere to a common set of values and ethical standards in the practice of their profession.
  5. To ensure they receive all important information and updates from the association, practitioners must register on the ACMA group page on Facebook. This registration guarantees constant and effective communication between the association and its members.
  6. Provide proof of their professional qualification, including all relevant diplomas and transcripts. This allows us to verify the practitioner’s training and ensure that they have received the appropriate education for the practice of osteopathy.

State the continuing education requirements for members:

To ensure a high level of competence and expertise among its members, ACMA requires its members to devote themselves to a continuing education program. The objective of this program is to enable members to acquire, maintain, renew, improve, deepen and perfect their knowledge, know-how and professional skills, directly related to the practice of osteopathy.

  1. Hours requirement: All ACMA members must complete a continuing education program and accumulate at least 30 hours of continuing education per two-year reference period. This requirement is intended to ensure that our members stay abreast of the latest research and techniques in the field of osteopathy.
  2. Relevance of the topic: Training activities must be strictly related to the professional practice of osteopathy. This may include, but is not limited to, new treatment methods, new research in osteopathy, advances in anatomy and physiology, best practices in patient care, professional ethics, and the management of osteopathic practice.
  3. Pre-approval: All continuing education activities must be pre-approved by ACMA. This ensures that the training is of an appropriate standard, is provided by a qualified trainer, and is relevant to the practice of osteopathy.

By complying with these continuing education requirements, our members demonstrate their commitment to professionalism, excellence in patient care, and continuous improvement of their osteopathic skills and knowledge.


Explain how the association ensures that a member meets the education and continuing education requirements.

To ensure compliance with educational standards and continuing education requirements, ACMA implements several audit procedures.

  1. Initial validation of studies: When a practitioner applies for ACMA membership, they must provide copies of their diplomas and transcripts. These are reviewed by our team to ensure that the practitioner has met the educational requirements prescribed by the World Health Organization for osteopathic training.
  2. Continuing Education Requirements: To ensure that members meet continuing education requirements, members are required to provide a training certificate indicating the number of hours of continuing education they have completed. This information is then compiled into the ACMA database.
  3. Continuing Education Report or List of Continuing Education Credits: This continuing education report allows anyone who has access to the page to view the courses taken and the credits obtained for any user of the site. This is a great tool to provide third parties and even members with a simple way to validate their training and accumulated credits. You can view ACMA’s continuing education report via our website ( This report details the continuing education activities in which the member participated, including the number of hours and the content of the training. This process allows ACMA to actively monitor its members’ compliance with continuing education requirements.

These rigorous verification and reporting processes ensure that all ACMA members maintain a high level of professional competence and are up-to-date in their knowledge and skills in osteopathy.


Does the practitioner have to pass an exam before he can join the association? If yes, please elaborate on the review.
Indeed, to join the association, the practitioner is required to pass a preliminary examination. This examination is essential to assess the practitioner’s knowledge and competence in the relevant areas of his or her practice. The review has specific sections that cover the association’s code of ethics and complaint process, to ensure that the practitioner is knowledgeable and can adhere to ACMA’s ethical standards and practices. In this way, the association strives to maintain a high level of professionalism and quality among its members.


Identify schools and training programs that are recognized by the association because they meet its membership training requirements.

To identify schools and training programs that meet ACMA’s membership requirements, you can consult the official list provided by the association on their website. This list, accessible at the address ““, presents all schools of osteopathy accredited by the ACMA. These institutions have been recognized for the quality of their teaching and their programs conform to the training standards established by the association. This recognition ensures that graduates of these schools are well prepared and possess the necessary skills to practice in accordance with ACMA’s principles and standards.


Are any of the above-mentioned schools or training programs affiliated in any way with the association or linked to any of its directors? If so, please elaborate.
None of the schools or training programs recognized by ACMA are affiliated directly with the association or linked to any of its directors. They are recognized solely on the basis of the quality of their teaching and their compliance with the association’s training standards. This independence ensures objective and fair evaluation of programs, ensuring that ACMA approval is a reliable indicator of academic and professional excellence.


Have the above schools or training programs been accredited by an organization? If yes, name the accreditation body.

The schools or training programs we have mentioned are recognized by the ACMA, but as far as a specific accrediting body for osteopathy in Canada is concerned, it does not currently exist. However, it is important to note that a professional order for osteopathy is being created in Quebec. Once established, this order could potentially play a role in the accreditation of osteopathic schools and training programs in this province.

It is also worth mentioning that I had the honour of being selected among seven experts in 2008 by the Office des professions du Québec. My mission was to help establish the standards of practice and training for osteopaths in Quebec. This work has helped define the requirements for the practice of osteopathy in the province, ensuring a high level of quality and competence in the profession. This experience has given me an in-depth knowledge of industry standards and a unique understanding of osteopathic training and practice.



Insurability: #

Do members need to be insured? If yes, specify the types and amounts of insurance required.

All ACMA members are required to maintain active professional liability insurance. This insurance must have a minimum coverage of one million dollars per claim and a total of three million dollars for all losses occurring during the term of the insurance policy.

This insurance obligation serves to protect both the practitioner and his patients. In the event of a dispute or claim, professional liability insurance provides financial protection, allowing the practitioner to continue to provide their services while ensuring patients receive adequate compensation in the event of harm.


Code of Conduct / Code of Ethics: #

Has the association developed a code of conduct or code of ethics? Yes
If yes, please attach a copy of the association’s code of conduct or code of ethics to this application.

ACMA Association Code of Ethics



Has the association developed a code of ethics or standards? If yes, please attach a copy of the association’s code of ethics or standards to this application.

ACMA Association Code of deontology



Does the association have a disciplinary or complaints procedure?  If yes, please attach a copy of the disciplinary or complaints procedure document to this application.

For a description of the complaint process: click here To access the complaint form:
 click here


Is the outcome of disciplinary proceedings communicated to the public? If so, how is it communicated to the public?

Yes, the outcome of disciplinary proceedings within the ACMA is well communicated to the public. To ensure transparency and public information, decisions resulting from disciplinary proceedings are published on the association’s website. This process allows patients, other practitioners and anyone interested to be informed of the steps taken by the association to ensure that its members meet professional and ethical standards. See the results of the surveys here:


Please indicate how you intend to notify Canada Life of the existence of any member who is not in good standing within ten business days of changing their membership status, or of an investigation into a member’s billing practices or allegations of fraud.
In case a member is not in good standing, following a change in his membership status you can consult the database of our members online: )

If the member is investigated regarding billing practices or allegations of fraud, we will notify Canada Life within ten business days of such changes. The method of communication we will use to relay this information will be by email. We will ensure that we provide all necessary details so that Canada Life is fully aware of the situation and can take appropriate action based on the information received.


Please indicate the number of members surveyed by the association in the last five years: 4

See the results of the surveys here:



Form completed by: Name: Sylvain Desforges

Position title within the association: President

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