ACMA Association Membership Guidelines

ACMA Association Membership Guidelines #


Membership Policies #



Membership Dues #

ACMA Association shall determine annual dues and/or fees payable by the members of the Association. The Association will give notice to members of an increase to membership dues at least 3 months prior to the effective increase.


Suspension of Membership #

The Association will suspend the membership of a member who fails to pay annual dues. A former member may reapply for membership at any time subject to late fees as determined by ACMA.


Termination of Membership #

Membership in the Association is not refundable, and the Association will terminate membership:


  • upon the death of any member
  • upon written resignation to the Executive Director
  • upon a finding of substantiated unethical or illegal behavior


Termination of Membership for Unethical or Illegal Behavior #


The Executive Director will investigate allegations of unethical or illegal behavior against a member. The Executive Director will recommend termination of a membership to the Board upon finding substantiated unethical or illegal behavior of a member.


The Board may terminate a membership by a supermajority (two-thirds) vote.


Appeal of Termination of Membership #


A member whose membership has been terminated by the Board may appeal the termination in writing to the Board within 30 days. The President will strike an ad hoc Appeals Committee to review the appeal. A Director serving on the Complaints and Discipline Committee may not concurrently serve on the Appeals Committee.


The Appeals Committee will make a recommendation to the Board:


  • to reinstate membership; or
  • to uphold the decision to terminate membership.


The Board will decide on the recommendation by a supermajority (two-thirds) vote.


Association Fees #

The Association will not refund fees related to certification, reinstatement, ACMA courses or home studies, the annual ACMA conference, or other such professional fees, including ACMA membership.

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