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I would like to express my appreciation to all the associations that responded to our enhanced credentialing requirements.  We received an overwhelming response voicing agreement on the changes we are proposing; confirming that this is a step in the right direction.


We received expressions of concern regarding our target date of January 01, 2020.  We are aware that this date may have caused some apprehension amongst massage therapists actively working in the profession. We want you to rest assured that Great-West Life is listening to these concerns.

This communication is to let you know that we will be actively working with the associations who have responded to us on how to best move forward. This includes flexibility with the effective date of the changes as well as further consideration of what constitutes eligibility for the 1,000-hour massage therapy education requirement.


Please feel free to communicate this message to your members.




Carol Guezen, GBA

Sr Health & Dental Policy Analyst

Medical & Dental Claims Strategy

Group Health and Dental Benefits – 5S
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
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Our recommendations to our members


The situation regarding COVID-19 is changing daily. The government of several Canadian provinces, including Quebec, have recently issued new directives, which we urge you to respect. More specifically, in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the government is demanding the closure of several businesses, public places and gathering places, until further notice.

Limiting the use of non-essential and non-emergency health services

Medical and paramedical clinics are not among the establishments targeted by the Government of Quebec in terms of closure, but it is important to limit the use of health services deemed non-essential and non-urgent. Essential health services are those whose interruption may endanger the health or safety of the population.

In order to comply with the new measures announced, we suggest that our members receive only patients who have suffered a trauma or those dealing with acute or incapacitating problems or pain. The objective of this measure is to meet government directives to limit non-essential travel.

In addition, in order to protect people aged 70 and over, the government reiterates its recommendation and asks this population to stay in their homes as much as possible.

* Please check with your provincial government if you practice outside the province of Quebec: Guidelines may be different.


For patients presenting to our members' clinics in Quebec

For patients dealing with the issues mentioned above, the following precautions and recommendations must be observed:

- Ask all patients to wash their hands once there;
- Ask the patients to come alone or to limit the companions;
- Do not shake hands with staff or other patients;
- Disinfect tables and equipment used between each patient;
- Wash your hands for 20 seconds between each patient (using soap and water is the best way to wash your hands);
- Regularly clean the door handles and other frequently touched surfaces;
- Please space the chairs in your waiting room at a distance of one meter to limit contact with other patients.


Remember that one of the symptoms of the infection is the presence of generalized musculoskeletal pain. We remind you that people who are experiencing symptoms that may be similar to COVID-19 infection must call 1-877-644-4545 (in Quebec) to be evaluated and treated. (Please call your provincial Center for Disease Control)


* Please check with your provincial government if you practice outside the province of Quebec: Guidelines may be different.



We therefore count on your full cooperation so that you respect the series of exceptional measures put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that the population regains the level of security and well-being to which it is entitled.


In doubt, please contact your provincial Center for Disease Control if you need to find out if you are allowed to treat patients or not in your province.


*ACMA members have the obligation to follow their national and provincial covid-19 guidelines in regards to health care professionals private practice. 

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