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I’m the founder of Concussion Rehab Lab, leading the way in concussion care, clinical mentorship and research.

I’m a registered nurse, manual osteopathic practitioner, and a concussion clinician and researcher. I am currently pursuing my PhD at the University of Toronto. In a nutshell I like to say I am a Brain Crusader. I have dedicated my life to helping others improve their brain health and to feel like themselves again after concussion through effective, evidence-based concussion care.

What makes me different?

While there are so many different practitioners to choose from, I pride myself on my unique Rehab Lab Approach, which drives consistent positive results for patients suffering from post-concussion syndrome – whether from a recent concussion, chronic, or legacy concussion.

My Superpowers:

  • With a focus on concussion, I see and treat people every day that are suffering from concussion injuries

  • Over 500 hours of brain and concussion-specific training and research from the Carrick Institute, Functional Neurology Seminars and University fo Toronto

  • Clinically mentored by leading US and Canadian concussion clinicians

  • Pursuing PhD studies in concussion rehabilitation at the University of Toronto

  • Master of Science from University of Toronto focused on persistent symptoms following concussion

  • Published multiple book chapters, research articles and numerous academic and non-academic appearances (find them here)

  • Many podcast and webinar appearances (find them here)

  • Awarded a Scholar in Women’s Brain Health Award from Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network (2019)

  • Completed a pre-doctoral internship through the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation and University of Toronto

  • Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and previous world champion (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013)


Melissa Biscardi | Concussion & Brain Optimization



Rehab Lab
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