Complaint Form

Against a member of ACMA Association



N.B. Once your complaint has been received, ACMA Association will open a file, send an acknowledgment of receipt to the complainant and to the member. The Disciplinary Board will then open an investigation. All personal information relating to the investigation and settlement of a complaint is kept confidential by the Disciplinary Council and by all persons concerned.



ACMA Association has a mandate to regulate the practice of the profession of its members, it must investigate complaints about professional services provided by members. Among the online resources (below), you will find a description of the complaint process and the complaint form to fill in to describe your concern.

Before filing a formal complaint with ACMA, it is good to discuss the problem with the concerned member . In some cases, members do not know the concerns of their customers and want to try to resolve them directly.

You can also contact ACMA and speak to a member of the investigation and complaint resolution team before filing a formal complaint. The investigator will give you suggestions and important information that will help you choose how you want to proceed.

To get ACMA code of ethics: clic here
To get the complaint process: clic here
To access complaint form: clic here