Complaint Form

Against a member of ACMA Association



N.B. Once your complaint has been received, ACMA Association will open a file, send an acknowledgment of receipt to the complainant and to the member. The Disciplinary Board will then open an investigation. All personal information relating to the investigation and settlement of a complaint is kept confidential by the Disciplinary Council and by all persons concerned.



ACMA Association has a mandate to regulate the practice of the profession of its members, it must investigate complaints about professional services provided by members. Among the online resources (below), you will find a description of the complaint process and the complaint form to fill in to describe your concern.

Before filing a formal complaint with ACMA, it is good to discuss the problem with the concerned member . In some cases, members do not know the concerns of their customers and want to try to resolve them directly.

You can also contact ACMA and speak to a member of the investigation and complaint resolution team before filing a formal complaint. The investigator will give you suggestions and important information that will help you choose how you want to proceed.

To get ACMA code of ethics: clic here
To get the complaint process: clic here
To access complaint form: clic here

Complaints - Results of investigations - Judgments

  • June 18, 2020: Complaint against a member for sexual assault: currently under police investigation. Member's name will be released if found guilty.
  • November 22, 2022: Complaint against a member for sexual assault: the police investigation concluded that there was no fault. The survey was cancelled.
  • October 20, 2021: Complaint against André Surprenant for inflicting bruises on a patient. We conducted an investigation and Mr. André Surprenant voluntarily reimbursed the patient who was satisfied with the settlement.
  • December 6, 2022: Complaint from an osteopathy clinic in Ontario who complained about one of their employees for hate speech. The matter was investigated and the member was not found guilty of any offence.