The Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine (ACMA) was founded in 2008. Its mission is to represent its members across Canada, to promote alternative and complementary medicine, and to protect the public by ensuring the competence of its members and their respect for an irreproachable code of ethics.

Our association is accredited by major group insurance companies in Canada, so you can issue receipts for your patients.

ACMA is a non-profit association representing health professionals who have completed training in osteopathy, naturopathy, kinesiology, massage therapy, traditional chinese medicine or acupuncture.

ACMA Association is proud to include only health professionals with a rigorous training in their field of practice and skills that match those established by the World Health Organization (WHO) or other national and international recognized organizations.









Continuing Education (CE)

Mandatory continuing education

The purpose of continuing education activities is to enable members to acquire, maintain, update, improve, deepen and perfect their knowledge, skills and professional skills related to the practice of their profession. These are governed by the ACMA Mandatory Continuing Education Policy.

All ACMA members must follow a continuing education program and accumulate at least 30 hours of continuing education related to the practice of their profession per two-year reference period.

Training activities can only cover topics directly related to your profession and be previously approved by ACMA Association.

Malpractice Insurance

Mandatory malpractice insurance coverage

While your status as an active member gives you rights, it also imposes certain obligations on you to protect the public. One of these obligations is participation in a group professional liability insurance plan. It is therefore now mandatory that every ACMA member send us a copy of their malpractice insurance policy annually, 2 weeks prior to their insurance renewal date. It is your responsibility to have adequate cover and to prove it.



ACMA Association has a mandate to regulate the practice of the profession of its members, it must investigate complaints about professional services provided by members. Among the online resources (below), you will find a description of the complaint process and the complaint form to fill in to describe your concern.

Before filing a formal complaint with ACMA, it is good to discuss the problem with the concerned member . In some cases, members do not know the concerns of their customers and want to try to resolve them directly.

You can also contact ACMA and speak to a member of the investigation and complaint resolution team before filing a formal complaint. The investigator will give you suggestions and important information that will help you choose how you want to proceed.

To get ACMA code of ethics: clic here
To get the complaint process: clic here
To access complaint form: clic here



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